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Services Overview

Office document scanning
Most companies preffer scanning their office documents, instead of keeping physical records.

For storage, microfilm is still the safest medium. Wether it's archive writting or scanning, our team will help you.

Large Format Scanning
Keep track of industrial and architectural sketches, Safely store them, and work on their digital copies.

Outdoor or indoor, office or graphic arts, ink, solid ink or toner, solvent and even eco-friendly solutions. .

Book Scanning
For digital public library or ebook readers. Convert book to ebook or create digital copies of your books.

Document Management
Control your physical archive in a digital environment, with faster access and easier search of indexes.

Special Services


X ray, radiology scanner

Medical imaging, scanning Xray, tomography, radiography, dental or ortopedic, any data captured on film. Converting format to JPEG, TIFF or PDF. Digitizing large archives.


Data capture and form processing

Using special OCR or ICR technology, we can capture data automatically from different documents and forms, and export them to third party software. ( ex. SPSS )


Preparing tender documentation

This service was developed for a customer with special requirements for tender documentation. As a result he uses our facilities to succesfully meet deadlines for tenders.


Marketing materials development

Singular campaigns or yearly marketing needs, need different materials from business cards to large mash banners. We can also arrange special designs.