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Large Format Scanning

Wide Format Scanning
Using the best scanner for large format plotter prints or CAD drawings. Wide format plans or posters.

Graphics editing
We crop image, despeckle, image rotation, deskew and covert format. Different types of JPEG, TIFF, PDF, XML etc.

What is a large scanner
We use special photo scanner for wide format images and innovative CCD for CAD drawings and others.

Capturing information
CAD and GIS applications, retrieving information from large format plan or sketches, to architecture documents.

Document and paper size
Large format size depends on paper size and initial plotter printing size. We scan very wide format documents.

Data index
Index data from wide format drawings or images, using them to perform ''Google'' like search to retrieve them.

Special Services


CAD GIS drawings digitization

Construction and Cad GIS drawings are digitized for quick on site access, plan archive or digital modification of different details, without modifying the original document.


Newspaper and magazine scanning

We use specially developed scanners to quickly scan these type of documents. Magazines and newspapers, especially old ones, are digitized to make information more accessible.


Content conversion software

Developed for magazines and newspapers, this software will convert a physical newspaper into a digital one. Performs OCR ICR article cropping and indexing for faster access.


Media monitoring solutions

Using the Content Conversion module for information indexing along with an online clipping modile, this solution provides the customer with full control over the information desired.