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Book scanning

Book scanning
For digital public library or ebook readers. Convert book to ebook or create digital copies of your books.

Graphics editing
We crop image, despeckle, image rotation, deskew and covert format. Different types of JPEG, TIFF, PDF, XML etc.

What is book scan ?
Using a special robot book scanner for ebooks, we create high resolution digital copies from physical books.

Cost effective
Using OCR and ICR, as well as special data capture tecnologies, we can develop large digital libraries

Ebook solution
With the development of ereaders, like Kindle or other tablets, this solution is easier for ebook reading.

Data index
Index data from books or old manuscripts, using them to perform ''Google'' like search to retrieve them.

Turn Key Solutions


Fully searchable digital libraries

Transforming a public library into an fully electronically searchable digital library, is becoming a necesity nowadays. Google Books is an example of how this system works.


Solutions for the industrial sector

Digitization of development sketches or documents, brings a faster pace to the development proccess, puting you constantly in front of your competitors.


Faster access to information

Accessing information stored on paper can prove to be slow and difficult. A fully searchable document archive increases speed of access and improves the quality of the results.


Solutions for public administrations

Public administrations can increase efficiency using the benefits of this technology. More accurate acces to data and faster access makes for a happy public.