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Document Imaging Scanning

Document scanning
Files documents scanning, financial documents, document data capture and document conversion.

Image editing
We crop image, despeckle, image rotation, deskew and covert format. Different types of JPEG, TIFF, PDF, XML etc

Which scaner ?
Network scanner for basic office documents, invoices or financial or photo scanner for high quality photos.

Capturing information
Data capture and image conversion, ICR OCR for data index and distribution. Document converter solution.

Document and paper size
Office document, legal size or different format documents, A4 or A3 and other non-standard size documents.

Data index
Index data from office documents and others, using them to perform ''Google'' like search to retrieve them.

Special Services


Data capture and form processing

Using special OCR or ICR technology, we can capture data automatically from different documents and forms, and export them to third party software. ( ex. SPSS )


Xray Scanning and X ray Scanner

Medical imaging, scanning Xray, tomography, radiography, dental or ortopedic, any data captured on film. Converting format to JPEG, TIFF or PDF. Digitizing large archives.


Preparing tender documentation

This service was developed for a customer with special requirements for tender documentation. As a result he uses our facilities to succesfully meet deadlines for projects.


High resolution photo scanning

Special photo scanner for high resolution images. Image editing and graphics editing for image improvement. Digital photo book solutions are available.