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With an estimated life of over 500 years, there is no media support for data archiving that can last this long.

Microfilm Viewing
With the development of microfilm scanners, this has become less popular. Some still preffer basic viewing.

Microfilming Documents
Direct document microfilming or digital analog conversion, archive writting is becoming more and more popular.

Cost effective
Beisdes being a very affordable service, microfilm is easy to store and guarantees long lasting information.

Microfilm Scanning
Converting film to digital is crucial for a lot of entities holding microfilm archives with critical information.

Privacy guaranteed
Without special tools viewing microfilms is impossible. Your information will be safe from unwanted eyes.

Microfilm Advantages


Saving on space and costs

Consider the storage space needed for multiple folders, and imagine they can be succesfully stored on a single roll of film. Space is expensive, saving on that will save you money.


Legal protection and legislation

Most governments recognize documents stored on microfilm as having the same value as the original documents. If not they provide a quantifiable value for microfilm documents.


No loss or missing files

The logical order of a microfilmed or converted folder will always be maintained on a film. Missplacement of a file after the process is impossible. No image loss involved.


Reconstructing missing data

When digital goes wrong, a microfilm copy of a database, will ease the reconstruction process. The film is converted back to digital, and the information is retrieved.